FCA Compliance Services and Training - Augentius Compliance

Fca compliance services and training - augentius compliance

The Story of Augentius’ Excellence

By employing around 450 experts (all of whom work with the same accounting programs) in various nations, satisfaction is consistently guaranteed to every single client of Augentius (au-gentius) Most organisations aspire to be renowned internationally but this is not a straightforward thing to achieve. With a tried and tested record, they have confidence in their Disaster Recovery (DR) capability. Augentius is respected as one of the top companies in its particular field because of its exceptional track record in providing top-quality financial services.

Augentius: About the Company

Augentius is one of the leading world-class Private Equity and Real Estate Administrators, working together with 137 investment managers across the world. Over 95 countries the world over are being served by Augentius. Any company involved with important financial matters will have previous experience to inform its decisions.

Augentius only employs the most capable professionals worldwide to comprise their client service teams, and each and every one one of them is backed by a dedicated Technical Team to help whenever they need support on difficult problems. The business carries out their activities, heedful of certain boundaries and polices. As an organisation thrives it becomes harder and harder to handle and keep tabs on property and assets, which is why they need the services of companies who specialise in these areas of the financial market. All customers are respected by Augentius. That is why their aim is on delivering high-quality services with deadlines in mind.

Depositary solutions made available by Augentius are customised to fulfil the Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive (AIFMD) guidelines. The business considers both the quality of work and the convenience of the client to be of equal importance. There are many justifications for why Augentius is understood to be the number one depositary to abide by AIFMD (the Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive). Each fund has its own risks and needs. That’s why all services are tailored to meet these demands.

KNEIP and Augentius ensure that up-to-date technical support and reporting software are offered to the client as a result of every change made, as regulators modify their demands. The technical experts at the company continue to fulfil end-user expectations, despite regulatory variations and considerable work volumes. The Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive (AIFMD) comprises Augentius and KNEIP.

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